Limoo is a #FoodTech #Catering #Start-Up focused on saving you time, so you can focus on what really matters. We collaborate with local restaurants, chefs and sustainability partners to provide you seamless and delicious remote-dinning-experience.

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Limoo empowers young start-ups and established companies to develop a well-balanced company culture in a convenient, seamless, and most importantly nurturing way!


Behind Limoo's success stands a team of open-minded entrepreneurs who are on the mission to save the most important currency - our time! Young talents with extensive experience in computer science, nutrition and hospitality came together to create one solution for your increasingly busy lifestyle.

Fatemeh Ghadamieh
CEO & Co-founder

Joel Iunius
CTO & Co-founder

Ilona Churkina


Limoo was created with a thought for sustainable environment and equal opportunities. We continuously refine our products and services according to the SDG framework in order to achieve our vision of a more actionable tomorrow.

We create nurturing meals as we believe in healing from within.


Limoo provides job opportunities to marginalized communities.


Men and women within Limoo receive equal opportunities.


Limoo attempts to reduce use of plastic and CO2 emissions.



Got a question? We've got answers. Should you not find a satisfying answer, don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

1) Open Our Menus 2) Choose your preferred week, date, menu and location; ** lunch order collections close at 19:00 PM the day before your selected delivery date. 3) Pay immediately or request an invoice; 4) Receive your delicious, nutritious and conscious meal at a predetermined time and location; 5) Enjoy!

Limoo Lunch Solutions works for companies , teams and employees. If you are an employer you can opt for integrating "Loomi" ( our bot) into your slack or telegram, that way your team can have a centralized platform to place their lunch orders. If you do not have slack/telegram, you can get in touch and we will create a personalized ordering link for your company. This way your company's lunch is guaranteed to arrive hot, delicious and all at once. Also as employer you can choose to subsidize a part, none or all of your employees meals. If you are an individual who would like to have an easy everyday lunch solution and is located in EPFL, Unil, HEC, IMB, Biopôle, EHL or Crissier you can order your lunch through our website, in the Product & Services section. There you will be able to choose the delivery date, location and your meal type. Once you select the date and pick-up spot, you will be able to see the number of orders made to your location by other Limoo customers. We are proud to say that thanks to our smart delivery and pricing system, we will accept delivery from as little as 10+ orders for one location. Should there not be enough orders for your selected date, you will receive an email notification with proposition for next meal offer.

Limoo Lunch is a delicious, nutritious and conscious lunch solution for one person. You can place an order via our website, slack or telegram, individually or as a team, company, building or a whole community. The ordering collection for Limoo Lunch closes at 20:00 PM the day before you selected delivery date. Limoo Sharing Box, is a unique mezze box. Our talented, local chefs carefully curate each box with a wide palette of flavor for every dietary preference. Our sharing box feeds up to 10 people and consists of hot and cold appetizers. Perfect for an event, business meeting or a team-building activity! Should you not find a suitable dietary preference for Limoo Lunch or Limoo Box, do not hesitate to get in contact so we can accommodate to your needs.

Limoo Lunch is delivered Mon-Fri to our "pick-up spots". Limoo Sharing Box is delivered any day (as per your request). Should you want to have delicious, nutritious and conscious lunch during the weekend, get in touch in the Contact Us section or via email/ phone.

Each "pick-up" spot has a dedicated time slot. Generally, you can expect your delicious meal to be delivered between 11:30 AM - 13:30 PM.

Limoo is on a mission to provide you with delicious, nutritious, environmentally and ethically conscious meals. Everyday you have an option of 3 menu items (normal menu, light menu and vegetarian/vegan menu). Our chefs use premium quality ingredients, sourced locally ( if not locally, we make sure to partner with sustainable suppliers, who respect the laws of nature.) Limoo is proud to be 100% transparent, should you want to have nutritional value information about our meals, we would be happy to provide you with all the nutritional facts you are looking for.

Limoo offers various payment options, such as: master / visa / twint / bank transfer.

You can cancel your order or change the delivery date by 20:00 PM on the day before your order is supposed to be delivered. Once the order is cancelled you will receive the refund within 3-9 business days. You can also opt for leaving the funds on your Limoo account for your next order.

Thank you for getting in touch!


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